Head Into Heart
Cacao Experience

Receive a 2-hour personalized body / mind / spirit session.

This unique experience will begin with a transformative cacao ceremony.

Cacao is an incredibly delicious warm drink that is deeply heart opening and has incredible health benefits, which is why it has been called, “Food of the Gods” for thousands of years by the Mayans.

After the cacao, you can choose from Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Reiki, Akashic Sound Healing, Soul Retrieval, Emotion Code or Ashiatsu massage. 

Ecstatic Heart Cacao Ceremonies

An indigenous myth tells us that when the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to harmony. Cacao was first discovered by the Mayan Shamans, and in ancient times it was used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. Cacao gained a divine status in different cultures like the Olmecs, Izapan, Maya, Toltecs, Aztecs and Incas, dating back to 1500 B.C., over 4000 years ago. It was considered to be the “Food of the Gods.”

My first experience with Cacao was in Peru in 2015 when I sat in my first cacao ceremony with a powerful shaman. Little did I know how incredibly deep and transformative this experience was going to be, and would continue to enhance my life. I intuitively have guided cacao ceremonies since then and finally participated in The Path of the Medicine Woman Cacao Facilitator Training with Willow Jayne at Akasha Institute of Embodied Leadership. It is my absolute pleasure to offer this powerful medicine to those who are ready to connect to the resonance of their hearts and listen to the presence.

I offer private cacao ceremonies in my office (Head Into Heart Experience) as well as private cacao ceremonies in people’s homes for couples and small or large groups. Each ceremony is uniquely designed for each person/group to have a deeply transcendent experience. I also offer cacao ceremonies on Zoom. Go to my Facebook page listed on the Contact Me page for those dates. Please contact me to schedule a phone consultation to inquire further!

Benefits of Cacao:

Activates neurotransmitter, Theobromine, which creates mental clarity and focus

Connects us to love, joy, gratitude, compassion and thus, living in an open-hearted way

Allows us to release heavy energy and experience the lightness of our being

Is an incredibly healthy alternative to coffee without the adrenal fatigue

Boosts Serotonin and Endorphins to help us feel happy and energized

Potent source of Magnesium for calming the nervous system

Boosts our creativity and connection to our inspiration

Connects us to our hearts and thus, our higher selves

Activates Anandamide, the Bliss Chemical

Highest source of iron of any plant

Supports us to feel our emotions

Improves cardiovascular health

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