End of Life Spiritual Care
Reno, NV

In today’s culture, death is a topic that isn’t talked about enough. In the past, our culture was more open to accepting death as a natural part of life. There was a collective understanding that life didn’t end after the death of our earthly bodies. However, we have forgotten the importance of this rite of passage, often treating those experiencing death and their loved ones with a lack of compassion or fear about what to say or do. With Michelle’s work as an End of Life Doula in Reno, she hopes to bring back love and openness to the entire death process—not only for the person passing away, but also for the loved ones they leave behind. She does this by offering sacred passing away ceremonies and rituals that aim to add grace, presence, spirit and meaning into the often difficult process.

Services for Loved Ones

Death can be the most difficult for the loved ones of the departed. After the death of a loved one, a range of emotions can be experienced, such as anger, depression, guilt and even relief. Through her work, Michelle aims to make the grieving process something that’s filled with meaning, healing and love. Group and individual sessions are currently available.

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